Tonosí crops, S.A. (“Cultosa”) is a leader in the area of cultivation and export of shrimp business in Panama and Central America. Cultosa is dedicated to the planting and harvesting of shrimp farming, with the quality standards required by international markets and a philosophy of continuous improvement, advanced technology and highly qualified staff.

Cultosa has a shrimp farm of 508 hectares located in Tonosi, Los Santos, Republic of Panama. Began operations in 1997 and belongs to Pomelo Group, a group of several companies in the areas of agro-industry, real estate and financial investments.

  • Processing plant built on the site of cultivation
  • The dams are in excellent condition throughout the year, transport times are short between ponds and plant (maximum 20 minutes)
  • Optimized design of the plant, simple and fast processing0_grupo-pomelo_cultosa

•Ideal remote location outside the bay and isolated from the farming center near Aguadulce, benefiting from ocean currents.
•510 acres (200+ ha) under water
•Average pond size 4.5 acres (< 2ha), average pond depth approx. 1.50m with steep slope leading to approx. 2.5m depth at the outlet
•Stocking density approx. 11/m2
•Target size at harvest approx. 23g for a 130 day cycle
•A3 color on an average
•Average daily water exchange approx. 15%
•Pumping station operates for an average of 8h/day at a capacity of 196,000 gallons/min (740 m3/min)

  • Two continuous stages in the freezer for brine: 1. + 2. The spray drying tunnel
  • brine cooling equipment
  • roller grader longitudinal
  • ammonia cooling system with rotary compressor
  • Flake Ice Machine
  • Become favorite HOSO industrial kitchens vannamei shrimp fresh frozen provider, serving the most demanding customers with the highest quality, fresh shrimp cooked
  • Maintain a strong focus on quality and customer expectations



Cultosa Panama